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My Works

If You Find a Rock

Harcourt, 2000

When you find a rock,you don't always know what kind of rock it is. Have you found a hiding rock? Or a rock to skip in the water? It might be a wishing rock, or a climbing rocks, or a rock to kick in front of you, all the way home. Or you might have found a rock that doesn't have a name yet. And that might be the best rock of all.

Illustrated with stunning hand painted photographs by Barbara Hirsch Lember.

2000 John Burroughs Award for Nature Writing for Children
Charlotte Zolotow Awards--Highly Commended
Oppenheim Gold Award
Nick Junior Magazine Best Book of the Year
Junior Library Guild Selection
Red Clover Picture Book Award Finalist

Chocolate, The Glacier Grizzly Bear

Benefactory Press, 1997

A picture book chronicling the birth, growth and successful relocation of a grizzly bear in Glacier National Park.

Benefactory Press is the non-profit publishing arm of the Humane Society of the United States.

The Bookstore Mouse

Harcourt, 1995

Meet Cervantes. He lives in a bookstore behind a large Wall of Words He eats Delicious Words from recipes. He throws Sharp Words and tosses Pointed Remarks at his enemy. And one day he slips through the words into a sotry that is the greatest adventure of his life. He is The Bookstore Mouse. This witty and wise fable is for every book lover, every story lover, every lover of words. And it will be the bane of Censors everywhere.

Book of the Month Club Selection
Published in German by Theineman
Rebecca Caudill Young Reader's Award List
Lamplighter Award from the National Christian Schools Association

The Old Coot

Atheneum, 1992

The townspeople started calling him the Old Coot, because he was so antisocial. But then the Old Coot encounters a crafty trickster coyote who promises to show him a river of gold, if only the Old Coot will share some of his scraps of food. The coyote holds true to his promise, but it's not anything like what the Old Coot expects. Told with all the rugged humor and hyperbole that characterized the Old West.

"The Old Coot and the Coyote" won the National Story League contest, 1991.
"The Old Coot and the Augering Match" was reprinted in Cricket magazine, July 2000.