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"Peggy Christian is a wonderfully sensitive author...She entices the audience into the books she has written and her personal appearances are as heartwarming as her books." Gloria Curdy/​Library Program Coordinator, Missoula County Public Schools.


Creative Reading

Many workshops focus on the art of creative writing, but the reader's creativity is just as vital to the process of making a story come alive. In this presentation, students are introduced to the concepts of the reading process and how each reader's particular context and experience shapes the story. Techniques for visualizing from the written word are emphasized. The students then learn about using a reading journal and are given the opportunity to create their own from a common story. By sharing the results,they will see how every individual's vision is unique.

Adaptable for all age groups

Writing Workshops


Using the template of If You Find a Rock, students are encouraged to interact with ordinary natural objects, first learning the art of description using all five senses with a series of experiential writing exercises. The students then use their imaginations to transform the objects, finding the hidden "purpose" for each one. The art of using evocative language to create pictures in your reader's mind is the goal of this workshop.

For Kindergarten through High School


This writing workshop uses the concept of fractured fairy tales to teach children story structure. First students are introduced to the parts of a story (character, setting, time, plot, and theme) and then how various published stories have fractured those elements. Students are then taught brainstorming techniques and given a chance to create and write their own fractured fairy tale.

4th Grade through High School

Teacher's Workshops

A number of teacher's workshops are available, including "Teaching Children about Censorship," "Descriptive Writing in the Classroom," "Visualization and Reading," "Fractured Fairy Tales," and of course, "Teaching Creative Reading." I am happy to discuss additional topics and workshop needs with teachers or conference planners.

Selected Works

Picture Books
A celebration of rocks: climbing rocks, wishing rocks, worry rocks and more. Ages 2 and up.
A true story of a grizzly bear in Glacier National Park. Ages 6 and up.
Middle Grade and Up
A mouse who lives in a bookstore discovers the joy of words and reading and the terrible dangers of censorship. Ages 8 and up.
A collection of original folktales celebrating the power of storytelling. Ages 7 and up.