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The Paperback of The Bookstore Mouse, available from Harcourt, September, 2002.

Recent Appearances

In August, at the PNLA annual conference, I was part of a panel discussion on working in a critique group. I was joined by the other members of my group here in Missoula, children's book authors Jeanette Ingold, Dorothy Patent, Sneed Collard III, Hanneka Ippisch, Bruce Weide and Wendy Norgaard. We revealed to the audience all the inside secrets of each others' writing lives and how feedback from our first readers is invaluable in the creative process.

Upcoming Appearances

In April, 2003 I will be giving a workshop to the Montana Library Association at their annual conference on the topic of Creative Reading. Stay tuned for time and place.

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My 4th grade class is reading The Bookstore Mouse, I am wondering if you have any discussion questions that will go along with the book.?
Miss Paxton

Hello Peggy, I am unable to connect to your email link on the webpage. I would love to contact you and share some of my student's work as they have written pattern books after "If you find a rock". Thank you! Amanda (grade 5 teacher).

Mrs.Peggy, My name is Reagan Ayers. I am 9 years old and live in Georgia. I love your book "The Bookstore Mouse". Your vivid and powerful words have inspired me to make many decisions. Would you please email me at I love your book and would love to know what your insperation was.

I have a question: What was your purpose for writing Bookstore Mouse?

Does the Character name Barda mean anything special???

Hello my name is Jessica Resop. I live in Puyallup, WA. I am now 14 years of age and I am attending Franklin Pierce High school. I got the Bookstore Mouse as a gift a lont time ago from my dad. I just recently read it again, and I was just amazed with the creativity. I absolutley love this book. I read it in a couple of hours. It is an excellent book and would be a great and fascinating book for young readers. My dad would like to comment and say that he knew who Miss Fox was and had been in that bookstore. I also would like to say that my book was signed by you. You are a very fascinating author and I think I would like to read the Old Coot books, those seem very neat. If you would like to comment back my email address is Thanks

What are all the awards you got?

Selected Works

Picture Books
A celebration of rocks: climbing rocks, wishing rocks, worry rocks and more. Ages 2 and up.
A true story of a grizzly bear in Glacier National Park. Ages 6 and up.
Middle Grade and Up
A mouse who lives in a bookstore discovers the joy of words and reading and the terrible dangers of censorship. Ages 8 and up.
A collection of original folktales celebrating the power of storytelling. Ages 7 and up.