Now Available!

The Bookstore Mouse is now available in Paperback from Harcourt Brace.

The paperback is one of Children's Book Sense picks for Winter 2002-2003. Recommended by Independent Booksellers as "new gem."


(from the German edition of The Bookstore Mouse illustrated by Hella Seith)


If you have, welcome to my website where reading is celebrated. Did you know that reading is just as creative as writing? A book is, after all, just a stack of paper bound in cardboard until you bring it alive in your imagination by reading it. As a writer, I am nothing more than a mapmaker. You are the explorer, the one who goes on the great journey.

This website is a chance for me to meet the people who have taken the journeys I have mapped out. Whether you have traveled to medieval England with Cervantes the mouse and slayed the terrible dragon Censor; or you have discovered the world of rocks in If You Find a Rock; or you have helped me create one of my other stories; I hope you will take this opportunity to get to know me and my books a little better. And then, before you leave, I'd love to hear from you.

On the Biography Page you can learn more about my life as a reader and writer.

On My Works Page there is a brief description of each of my titles and information on ordering both the books that are in print and out of print.

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Finally, on the Newsletter Page, you can read about my latest projects and join in the discussion on creative reading and good books.

Selected Works

Picture Books
A celebration of rocks: climbing rocks, wishing rocks, worry rocks and more. Ages 2 and up.
A true story of a grizzly bear in Glacier National Park. Ages 6 and up.
Middle Grade and Up
A mouse who lives in a bookstore discovers the joy of words and reading and the terrible dangers of censorship. Ages 8 and up.
A collection of original folktales celebrating the power of storytelling. Ages 7 and up.